Inheritance law

The loss of a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most difficult situations in one’s life. In addition to having to cope with raw emotions, one has to manage many important things related to the person’s death. The notary is one of the best persons to support you with all the steps that have to be taken to settle the estate, thus allowing you to mourn peacefully. The notary will act as a consultant, counselor and resource person throughout the settlement of the estate, whether for its complete settlement or specific mandates.

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Real estate law

Whether you intend to make the most significant acquisition in your life or to sell your property, we are the ideal advisors to help you achieve your goal, even before you sign a promise to purchase/sell. The notary is a valuable legal advisor who will guide you through all the formalities required until the deed of sale is executed.

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Personal law

Family law, also called personal law, includes all your personal rights and the organization of your couple and family. The notary will provide you with advice to protect your rights and those of your loved ones. Whether you need to have a will or a protection mandate drafted, you have a question respecting your new family situation, a marriage or a separation, the notary is the best advisor to accompany you in all the significant stages of your life.

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Corporate law

The notary is a choice partner in the process of creating or developing your business. We will discuss with you the various possibilities available and will act as a resource person for the life duration of your business.

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