La force
de l’étude

L’étude de Me André Simard, notaire et conseiller juridique, a été fondée à la suite de son assermentation en 1975. Fort de ses nombreuses années d’expérience, le notaire Simard offre des services de haute qualité fondés sur la confiance, sur des explications claires et accessibles, ainsi que sur une expertise juridique solide.

Ici, vous trouverez toujours un notaire disponible pour vous écouter et vous conseiller ; c’est la force de l’étude !

Our team


The assistants offer a first contact with the firm. They ensure that the communication is well established between the clients, notaries and the other professionals called upon to work in complementarity with the firm. The assistants coordinate the files in a very capable manner and are always able to inform clients of the evolution of their matters.

Mtre André Simard, LL.L., D.D.N.


Mtre Simard obtained his Bachelor of Laws in 1973 and a graduate diploma in Notarial Law in 1974 from Université de Sherbrooke. He founded his firm after being sworn in as a notary, on June 19, 1975. Since then, he has been providing his clients with high quality services based on trust, clear and concise explanations as well as significant legal experience. His capacity to give plain language explanations about the law allowed him to develop a loyal client base and to serve many generations of satisfied clients.

A seasoned notary with more than 40 years of experience, he developed a remarkable expertise in estate settlement and in personal law. He holds a certificate in non-contentious proceedings since May 15, 1999.

Mtre Simard is certified by the Chambre des Notaires du Québec as an identity verification agent (IVA) for the Quebec Register of Personal and Moveable Real Rights (RDPRM), for certifying the identity of clients who want keys or certificates (digital signatures).

Involved in his community, Mtre Simard had sat on the board of directors of many organizations, such as the Relais St-François, the Fondation Jean‑Marie Fortier and the Fondation Athlètas. He also sat on the board of the Fabrique de la Paroisse de Notre‑Dame‑Pepétuelle Secours and also acted as secretary. Mtre Simard has also sat on the board of the Milby Golf Club for many years and also acted as secretary. From 1977 to 2014, he was a member of the board of directors of the Caisse du Nord de Sherbrooke and was involved in 6 mergers.  He further has been a vice-president of this Caisse, a member of its finance committee and acted as interim president. A great athlete, Mtre Simard is a former member of the Canadian Athletics Team. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 530.

Mtre Gaston Leblanc Jr, LL.B., D.D.N.


Mtre Leblanc Jr. obtained his Bachelor of Laws in 2009 and a graduate diploma in Notarial Law in 2010 from Université de Sherbrooke. He has been a member of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec since February 23, 2011.

Following his university studies, Mtre Leblanc took over the 35‑year general practice of his father, Mtre Gaston Leblanc Sr., in offices located in Windsor, in the heart of Val‑Saint‑François. He now serves a large client base from the Val‑Saint‑François and Sherbrooke areas. Mtre Leblanc Jr. also serves clients from across Quebec. Clients much appreciate his convivial and friendly manner.

Between 2011 and 2015, Mtre Leblanc Jr. also represented world‑class athletes in the negotiation and drafting of sponsorship contracts with large national and international corporations. He still provides advice to athletes.

Mtre Leblanc Jr. is involved in many community organisations, sporting, as well as cultural and regional events. He sits on the board of directors of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce and has been sitting on the board of the City of Windsor Economic Development Committee since 2014. He has been sitting of the board of the Corporation de services des notaires du Québec since 2017.

Mtre Audrey Mailhot, LL.B., D.D.N.


Mtre Mailhot obtained a Bachelor of Laws in 2013 and a graduate diploma in Notarial Law in 2014 from Université de Sherbrooke. She has been a member of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec since March 13, 2014. During her studies at law school, she was a research assistant for the Revue de Droit de l’Université de Sherbrooke (RDUS). With the help of student colleagues, she established a notarial law committee to promote notarial law with law students.

Mtre Mailhot was born in the Eastern Township. She joined Mtre Simard’s team in October 2016. She wishes to focus her practice on family law and estate law and would like to undergo training for becoming a family mediator. She has been certified in non‑contentious matters since May 22, 2014.

Mtre Mailhot deals with all her matters in a rigorous and accurate manner and is known to always have time for her clients. Her typical good humour makes her popular with everybody she meets. She listens to the needs of her clients and maintains a personalized practice based on the trust she develops with them. Mindful of the well‑being of others, she accompanies her clients with professionalism and respect at the various stages of their lives.

Mtre Marie-Claude Sage, LL.B., D.D.N.


Mtre Sage obtained a Bachelor of Laws in 2009 and a graduate diploma in Notarial Law in 2010 from Université de Sherbrooke. She has been a member of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec since March 13, 2011. She began working in the law environment in 2008 as an assistant and then pursued studies in notarial law. She joined the SLM NOTAIRES team in March 2018.

Throughout the years, she mostly focused her practice on real‑estate law and developed a solid expertise. Mtre Sage also coordinates files involving family and estate law.

She is much appreciated for her rigour, vivacity and charisma. She deals with her matters with carefulness and accuracy and strives to understand her clients. She accompanies her clients in all their projects with dedication and professionalism.

Jocelyne Blouin


Ms. Blouin has been an assistant to notaries for more than 20 years. She specializes in real-estate matters as well as drafting wills and protection mandates.

Her experience with the National Bank of Canada and the Sherbrooke Trust Company in the field of administration and as advisor allowed her to become very knowledgeable about hypothecary loans. These years of experience allowed her to specialize in real‑estate matters. Her rigour, effectiveness and sense of responsibility have made her an essential member of the team.

Suzie Bergeron


Ms. Bergeron has been a notary assistant for many years and joined the Simard firm in February 2014. Working as a receptionist, she offers a first contact to clients and establishes the link between the clients and the notaries. She coordinates maters and communicates the information between the various parties.

She is much appreciated by the clients for her good listening skills and empathy. In addition to her work as a receptionist, Ms. Bergeron deals with estate settlement, non‑contentious proceedings and corporate law matters.

Sylvie Desrochers


Ms. Desrochers began her career as an assistant on March 1, 1986 and has been with the same firm for over 30 years. She began working at the Windsor offices with Mtre Gaston Leblanc from 1986 to 2013. In 2013 she began working with Mtre Gaston Leblanc Jr., as he took over from his father.

She was instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition between the two notaries. Ms. Desrochers deals with your matters with skill, attention to details and dedication. Over the years, she developed a relation of trust with our clients in Windsor, who appreciate her proximity, availability and listening skills.